Flinflins and Tintin in Tabriz

Tintin Adventures
I haven’t noticed any beggars nor homeless addicts on the streets here
– Besides, I think Tabriz has been the cleanest and least polluted city in Iran we have visited so far
The least polluted one, indeed

Thomson and Thompson in front of the Tabriz municipality building


Tintin was imagining about the lifestyle of Tabrizi people during the Qajar era. He thought the population of the city must have been very small so that people could live in such big housese like


After an hour of drive from Tabriz towards the south, Tintin and Snowy reached Kandovan; a small village famous for its troglodyte homes, excavated inside volcanic rocks. They were super excited about spending the night in an en-suite room literally inside a cliff

Tintin never thought how comfortable is to spend the night in a house carved inside volcanic rocks. Kandovan was, indeed, an amazing experience


Captian Haddock, drunken with fine imported Turkish and Azerbaijani beer, found himself strolling aimlessly around El Gölü park in Tabriz when he smelled the tempting scent of kabab from the palace in the middle of the lake


Contrary to popular opinion, there are a multitude of ancient and modern cathedrals, monasteries and churches in Iran. On his trip to Tabriz, Professor Calculus visited Saint Stepanos Monastery, built by Saint Bartholomew the Apostle about 60 years after the Christ. It was heart warming to see how Iranians from different religious backgrounds appreciated the magnificence of the manument, taking selfies and having a quality time


Standing in front of the Chapel of Chupan (Shepherd’s Chapel) built in 16th century, Tintin prayed for the victims of earthquake in Kermanshah. The Iranian government is too preoccupied with organising the religious pilgiramage of Arbaein in Iraq that they neglected about their own people in the devastated areas


paints of Tabriz
Jean-Christophe Defline – flinflins

Blue Mosque
blue mosque


Tabriz Bazaar


Jame Mosque


Kandovan Village in East Azerbaijan province, Iran


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